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You’re invited to change lives in Africa!

An amazing donor will MATCH every gift, dollar-for-dollar, up to $27,500 to train 1,000 new pastors. Your $55 donation can now train TWO pastors.

We need your help by the end of August. Act fast, donate now, and let your generosity go twice as far!


Our strategy is simple and is comprised of one mission, one approach, and one tool.

One Mission: The African Continent

We provide practical training in Bible study and sermon preparation skills for national pastors in countries throughout Africa.


Each week, our graduates apply what they have learned as they preach and teach in their local congregations.


One Approach: Bible Training Workshops

Our Bible Training Workshops teach pastors to prepare sermons that flow from personal Bible study in reliance upon the Holy Spirit. We also show them how to use a study Bible that was developed to encourage a deeper study of God’s Word.


One Tool: The Thompson Study Bible

With its wealth of study tools, the Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible equips pastors, who often have limited training and resources, to prepare sermons.


Upon graduation, each pastor is awarded a copy of the Thompson Bible. It becomes a treasured resource to those who have no other study tools.

Meet Our Staff

We are grateful for the gifted Bible teachers that God has assembled to lead our pastoral training workshops throughout Africa. Every year we train hundreds of pastors in Bible study methods and message preparation and delivery skills.


Our intensive Bible training workshops are conducted in English and French by teams dedicated to the goals and vision of APT Ministries.

Chuck Ballard

Chuck Ballard

Founder & Executive Director

As the head of APT Ministries, Chuck wears many hats. As Executive Director, he oversees the administrative responsibilities of the ministry. Beginning in 2007, he has been the primary instructor…

David Stevens

David Stevens

Trainer, Francophone Workshops

David Stevens, Trainer, Francophone Workshops, formerly served as the pastor of the International Bible Church in Jurbise, Belgium. Previously he was the senior pastor at Central Bible Church in Portland, Oregon…

Sem M. Beasnael

Francophone Director

Sem coordinated the first ever Thompson Bible Workshop in Africa in his home country of Chad in 2005.  Since that time he has helped to expand the ministry in Francophone countries in Africa.

Brian Balster

Trainer, English Workshop

Brian has been primarily involved as a trainer in East Africa countries (Kenya and Uganda) and is currently developing our national Training Team in Malawi.

National Training Teams

Gregoire Tayou


Living in: Yaounde, Cameroon
Email: [email protected] Phone: 00237 677775177

Rev. Sem Beasnael


Living in: Moundou Chad Email: [email protected] Phone: +235 66 27 29 03

Ndzoundou Jean Bruno

Congo Republic

Living in: Brazzaville, Congo Republic
Email: [email protected] Phone: 00242055369301

Gueu Gilbert Manh

Cote D' Ivoire

Living in: Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire
Email: [email protected] Phone: 00225 0140201564 or 00225 07 07 46 63 50

REV. Pastor Aimé KALO

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Living in: KINSHASA / DRC Email: [email protected] Phone: +243820218333

Chege Waweru


Living in: Limuru, Kenya Email: [email protected] Phone: +254 723 362 000

David B. Jallah


Living in: Paynesville City, Liberia, West Africa Email: [email protected] Phone: +231770460908 or +231880662290

Chuck Ballard


Living in: McKinney, TX USA
Email: [email protected] Phone: +1-903-461-4397

Rev. Sem Beasnael


Living in: Moundou Chad Email: [email protected] Phone: +235 66 27 29 03

Rev. Canon George Agun


Living in: Abuja, Nigeria Email: [email protected] Phone: +2347061672981

Dr. Kachuba Mwene Inga Guillaume


Living in: Kigali, Rwanda Email: [email protected] Phone: +250 78 36 59 964

Maidoum Malo Allarassem


Living in: Dakar, Senegal Email: [email protected] or [email protected] Phone: 0022177248 22 59 or 00221338686362

Rev Dr Donald Osman

Sierra Leone

Living in: Freetown, Sierra Leone
Email: [email protected] Phone: +23279233266

Chuck Ballard

South Sudan

Living in: McKinney, TX USA
Email: [email protected] Phone: +1-903-461-4397

Chuck Ballard


Living in: McKinney, TX USA
Email: [email protected] Phone: +1-903-461-4397



Living in: Soroti, Uganda Email: [email protected] Phone: +256 772 235 382

Liberian Training Team

Wellington Morris

Wellington Morris

Wellington Morris is the pastor of Omega Community Church , Bernard’s Farm, Paynesville, Liberia, and is an instructor at Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary. He also serves as the Executive Director of Mission-Liberia.

He holds a B.A. in Biblical Studies (1997) from African Bible College and a Masters of Education in Education Administration (2007) from Cuttington University Graduate School and Professional Studies.

David B. Jallah, Sr.

David B. Jallah, Sr. is pastor of Victory Baptist Church in Liberia and serves as the National Coordinator for Training for Mission-Liberia. He holds a B.Th. from Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary and a Masters of Education & Supervision (MSED) from the University of Liberia Graduate School.

Board of Directors

Chuck Ballard

Chuck Ballard

As the head of APT Ministries, Chuck wears many hats. As Executive Director, he oversees the administrative responsibilities of the ministry. Beginning in 2007, he has been the primary instructor…

Rory Brannum

Rory Brannum

Rory Brannum is the founder of Coaching By Rory, LLC, and serves as an Associate with The Navigators in Dallas, Texas. He became a Christian in 1981. He has worked in campus ministry to international students and later worked with Iranian refugees in Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey.

Michael Rodgers

Michael Rodgers

Michael Rodgers is the Vice President of Business and Administration at Howard Payne University in Brownwood, Texas. Mike is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary with a Masters in Christian Education.


His wife, Jane, is a free-lance writer who frequently contributes articles to the Texan, published by the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention.


Mike and Jane have two grown children—Jake lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, with his wife, Rachel, and Carrie lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Gary Slinkard

Gary Slinkard

Gary Slinkard is a Senior Client Operations Specialist at Insight. He and Susan serve their church in Greenville, Texas. As alumni of CRU, they still have a missions heart and go on mission trips periodically.

Greg Ventura

Greg Ventura

Greg Ventura manages a group of security system engineers for Raytheon Company in the North Texas area. Greg and his wife, Amy, along with their two boys, attend and serve their church in Greenville, Texas. He is involved with various mission organizations and volunteers for community projects.

Mark Meyer

Mark Meyer is the founder and former CEO of Mg Biologics in Ames, Iowa.


Provide A Bible

We present all workshop graduates with their own Thompson Study Bible. With it, they can continue to practice the study skills and message preparation methods they have learned during the APT training. Your gift of $25 covers the cost of providing one study bible to one pastor or church leader in Africa.

The Thompson Chain Reference Bible, with its many resources, becomes a cherished study tool for the pastor. It includes:

  • Over 100,000 topical references
  • Over 4,000 Chain Topics
  • Updated Archaeological Supplement with photos and maps
  • Outline studies for each book of the Bible
  • Journey maps and Bible harmonies
  • Biblical Atlas
  • Bible Book Outlines

Consider partnering with us to provide much needed Bibles in English and French. Your monthly or individual gifts will have an eternal impact.

Donating by Check
Make Check Payable to:
APT Ministries
4013 Eaton Park Drive
McKinney, TX 75071

Liberia Group
Liberia Teaching

Sponsor A Pastor’s Training

There are several ways for you or your church to join us in providing much-needed training to church leaders in Africa:

  • Your designated gift of $50 provides a scholarship for one pastor to attend an APT Bible training workshop. Consider sponsoring several pastors per year.
  • Your designated gift of $25 covers the entire cost of providing a Thompson Study Bible for a pastor in Africa.
  • Your generous gifts to our General Fund allow us to apply the funds where they are most needed.

$50 equips a pastor for a lifetime of ministry.


Equipping Pastors for a Lifetime of Ministry

Your gifts provide practical training in Bible study and message preparation skills. And when you help pastors and leaders in this crucial area, you are also impacting their communities and congregations.

We invite you to give to APT Ministries as we seek to build up and strengthen pastors in Africa.

Donating by Check
Make Check Payable to:
APT Ministries
4013 Eaton Park Drive
McKinney, TX 75071


How To Use the Thompson Study Bible

We are frequently contacted by people who are asking for information and help in learning how to use a Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible. These are people who either have owned a Thompson Bible and never learned how to use it or those who have recently purchased a Thompson Bible and haven’t figured out how to use it in their personal study of the Scriptures. They know by looking at all of the study material that it is a Bible that could help them in their study but just can’t quite figure out how to use it effectively.

APT Ministries Can Help

APT Ministries now offers a 4-hour Thompson Bible “Mini-Workshop” that we conduct in the U.S. for those interested in learning how to study the Scriptures using a Thompson Bible. This workshop is about the effective study of God’s Word using the Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible. The Thompson Bible has been used worldwide for more than 100 years. This four-hour training is part of the extended training (2 ½ days) for pastors and church leaders (the “Thompson Bible International Institute”) that APT Ministries teaches to pastors and leaders in Africa. Since its inception, the TBII has provided training for over 130,000 pastors and church leaders in Latin America, the Philippines, India, and Africa.

The Thompson Bible As a Study Tool

The Thompson Bible uses a study system that brings you into a deeper understanding of God’s Word by leading you through a chain of key scripture references that relate to the subject or passage that you are studying. The Thompson Bible gives you study helps for over 4200 topics in the Bible, as well as over 600 pages of additional reference material to aid your study.

In the workshop each person:

  1. Will learn how to use the Thompson Bible to study any topic or passage of the Bible
  2. Will practice basic Bible study methods and principles to use in their study of the Scriptures

Testimonials From Those Who Have Attending A Mini-Workshop

“Awesome information on how & why to study.”

“It will help me to grow in love for my Savior”

“Loved emphasis about the Word interpreting the Word & value of the Holy Spirit teaching us and understanding”

“Being able to connect Scripture with Scripture in such a deep way”

“Amazing way to read and learn the Bible”

“Brings the Bible to life; showing how it is dynamic and is used to reach a person where they are”

“Refreshed my desire for the Word! Thank you! Thank you!”

“I can’t wait to see what God will teach me with this new method. I have read the Bible cover to cover at least 5 times. It feels like starting over fresh. Thank you so much!”


Schedule a Mini-Workshop

There is no charge for this workshop and Thompson Bibles are loaned to participants who do not own one for use during the workshop. If you are interested in finding out more about promoting or hosting one of our 4-hour workshops in your church, home group, or Bible study group, please call or email APT Ministries for more details.


Chuck Ballard
African Pastoral Training Ministries
4013 Eaton Park Drive
McKinney, Texas 75071


Email: [email protected]

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